Loan Bot

How to use Loan-Bot

Basic Usage

When you first load Loan-Bot, it will display a default mortgage. Edit any of the fields and click the button to recalculate. The tabs at the bottom will display the calculation, as well as an amortization chart and a timeline of the mortgage.

Saving A Mortgage

Mortgage Manager Loan-Bot can save your mortgage settings, so that you can view them later or compare them to a different mortgage. Enter a name in the box at the bottom and click the button. The mortgage will be added to the Mortgage Manager on the left of the page. You can then return to the mortgage later, or compare it to another mortgage. To remove it, select the checkbox next to its name and click the button.

Comparing Mortgages

Comparison mode table

Once you've saved two or more mortgages, you can compare them. Just select the checkbox next to each mortgage you'd like to compare in the mortgage manager, and click the Compare button.

The table at the top will compare the values for each mortgage you've selected. You can click the radio button to the left of any mortgage to show the differences between the other mortgages and the one you've selected.

The graphs in the tabs at the bottom will compare the timelines for each mortgage. You can add or remove a mortgage from the comparison at any time by simply clicking the checkbox beside its name in the Mortgage Manager to the left.

Once you're done, you can click on any of the mortgages in your list to return to entry mode.

Comparison mode graph